Supporting Associations


Supporting Organisations

Health & Safety Ireland is working with a growing list of leading international and local associations to create a cutting edge conference. The programme will address the issues and needs relevant to all those responsible for health & safety throughout Ireland as well as provide unique marketing channels to attract the attendees.


The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is pleased to support this important event.

It is a fundamental right of each of the 1.8 million people at work in Ireland to go to work and to return home to their families and communities without having suffered any impact or injury to their safety and wellbeing. The HSA is here to support employers, employees and the self-employed to ensure this goal is achieved.

Small businesses in particular can perceive serious difficulties in meeting their obligations. At the HSA, we recognise that there is a general perception amongst small businesses that health and safety management is an unnecessary burden, something that really only applies to bigger organisations. However, the management of employee health and safety applies to all workplaces, regardless of size. In fact, as an employer, no matter how big or small your business is, you are legally responsible for yourself, your employees and any other person that may be affected by your work activities.

Take the opportunity to meet with representatives of the HSA in an informal environment. Discover how effective management of employee safety and health can add value to your business….whether it’s big or small. See our new online risk assessment toolkit designed specifically with the needs of small businesses in mind.

We look forward to meeting you there!


IOSH was founded in 1945 and is the only Chartered body for health and safety practitioners With more than 37,000 members, we're the world's largest health and safety professional membership organisation We're a registered charity and the first European safety body to be awarded non-governmental organisation status by the International Labour Organisation With over 13,000 Chartered Safety and Health Practitioners, we have more certified health and safety professionals than any other organisation We grant Chartered status to members who meet our highest standards of competence. And as a Chartered body, we significantly influence the direction of health and safety policy in both the UK and internationally.


The National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) has been the leading voluntary body providing information and training in the area of workplace health & safety since 1963. It is a membership organisation which includes Corporations, Professional Organisations, Small Enterprises and Individuals. NISO provides a wide range of courses and information and has the experience and commitment to assist members with all of their occupational health & safety requirements. There are no pre-qualifications required for membership.

With its Headquarters in Dublin NISO has a regional network of committees throughout Ireland and works closely with similar bodies in Northern Ireland. An Executive committee oversees the work of NISO. This committee includes representatives from the Health & Safety Authority, The Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Irish Business and Employers Federation.


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